Mosquito Abatement Program

  • For up to date information and news regarding the West Nile Virus in King County please click here.

  • The City of Des Moines annual treats its storm water detention ponds to control mosquitoes. See the public notice section below for more information.

Quick tips on how to prevent your property from becoming a mosquito breeding ground for homeowners.

Help your elderly or frail neighbors and relatives with these activities (older people are more vulnerable to severe West Nile virus.)

  • Tip water out of barrels, buckets and wheelbarrows and turn them over so water cannot collect
  • Tip out containers that could hold water such as toys, cans or plant saucers weekly
  • Empty children's wading pools weekly
  • Change water in birdbaths, pet watering dishes and animal troughs at least once a week
  • Discard, properly store or drill holes in used tires
  • Clean debris from ornamental ponds and keep fountains running during the summer
  • Stock ornamental ponds with fish
  • Maintain swimming pools and hot tubs
  • Recycle old bottles, buckets, and cans
  • Clean leaf-clogged gutters
  • Drain flat topped roofs
  • Dump water off of tarps and plastic sheeting
  • Drain water from covers on pools, boats and hot tubs
  • Repair leaky outdoor faucets
  • Cover rain barrels with mosquito screens
  • Cover garbage cans with an appropriate lid
  • Repair ripped window and door screens and make sure they fit tight; use a screen door on doors that often are left open
  • Consult a licensed pest control operator for mosquito habitat that cannot be controlled by drainage or other means

S6.A Public Notice of Mosquito Control Activities

a. The pesticide(s) planned for use and the active ingredient(s).

  • Pesticide - MosquitoDunks
  • Active Ingredient - Bacillus thuringiensis

b. The approximate date ranges of planned treatments.

  • June 20th - 30th 2017

c. The approximate treatment location(s).
Storm water Ponds throughout the City of Des Moines with standing water

d. The online location where the public may find pesticide application updates (if available online).

e. The application area posting procedures if the use of larvicides with water-use restrictions is planned.

  • Posting procedures are not applicable because the sites are not publicly accessible.

f. The name and telephone number of the Permittee and the Ecology Aquatic Pesticides Permit Manager.

  • Permittee - City of Des Moines -Tyler Beekley - (206)-870-6869
  • Ecology Aquatic Pesticides Permit Manager - Jon Jennings - (360)-407-6283

g. The telephone number, email address or web site where a person may contact the Permittee to have their name put on a "No Spray" list.