The City of Des Moines has a long history with Sea-Tac airport. The City vehemently opposed development of the third runway at Sea-Tac and spent millions of dollars in opposition. Unfortunately, these efforts did not prevent the third runway from being constructed. Passenger traffic and operations continue to increase at Sea-Tac International Airport; passenger growth has gone from 26,800,000 in 2003 to 45,600,000 in 2016. Aircraft operations have grown from 309,000 in 2012 to 412,000 in 2016.

As operations increase, impacts increase. Despite the significant economic benefits for the entire northwest region that result from Sea-Tac airport operations, a disproportionate amount of impacts negatively affect the jurisdictions in proximity to the airport. This is unfair and the value of airport operations must be balanced with mitigation of impacts on local jurisdictions.

Washington State is the most trade dependent state in the United States. Additionally, demands of increasing globalization require international travel and logistics capacity. Nonetheless, impacts on local jurisdictions that suffer the impacts of increased aircraft operations must be addressed.

For these reasons, the City of Des Moines, is establishing an Aviation Advisory Committee to address this situation and make recommendations to the City Council for actions that can help resolve negative impacts created by the Sea-Tac airport. This committee will address the items identified below and utilize a science based approach to determine appropriate recommendations to provide to the City Council.

• Provide comments on the Environmental Impact Statement of the Sea-Tac Airport Sustainable Master Plan (SAMP).

• Address frequency of operations (a function of Sea-Tac airport) and parallel impacts on local transportation, health, and noise.

• Address aircraft movements on the ground and in the air (a function of the FAA and NextGen).

• Address the process to site and develop a second regional airport.

• Participate in the Washington Aviation System Plan and follow-up.

• Delineation of responsibilities within the national air space regarding aircraft flight operations to include the FAA, Sea-Tac airport, WASHDOT, Port of Seattle.

• Other issues as determined by the City Council and the Aviation Advisory Committee.

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Materials from April 5, 2018 City Council Study Session 

Power Point from June 8, 2017 City Council Meeting.