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Right of Way Use Permits

Chapter 12.05 of the Des Moines Municipal Code, the City of Des Moines Right of Way Use Code, requires a right of way use permit for any private use of a public right-of-way.

A type C permit authorizes activities that will alter the appearance of or disturb the surface, supersurface, or subsurface of the right of way on a temporary or permanent basis, and includes boring, culverts, street trenching, and utility installation / repair / replacement.

A type D permit authorizes long term and permanent activities for extended periods of time which will not physically disturb the right of way, but involves the use of a right of way for structures, facilities, haul routes and uses that involve capital expenditures and long-term commitments, and includes underground rights and utility facilities.

An estimate of the construction cost must accompany the permit application. Work within the public right of way will be charged a variable permit fee based on a fee schedule approved by the city.


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