Is there a Des Moines resident discount?
As of January 1, 2010 our Recreation Programs have a Resident Discount Fee and a Non-Resident Fee. The Resident Discount Fee reflects the fee charged to Des Moines residents living within the jurisdictional boundary based on policy established by the City of Des Moines.

To qualify for the Resident Discount, you must be able to provide verification of residency within Des Moines. Acceptable forms of verification are valid picture ID with a Des Moines address or valid picture ID accompanied by a utility bill with a Des Moines address. Failure to provide acceptable verification will result in the Non-Resident Fee being charge. If you have questions related to residency, please call (206) 870-6527.

FOR SPORTS TEAMS ONLY: To qualify for the Resident Discount Fee, sports teams must have 51%, or more of their players, Des Moines residents.

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1. Is there a Des Moines resident discount?
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