Youth Programs


Youth & Teen Basketball Leagues

Hoop season is here – and the focus shifts to developing basketball techniques, effective team building while providing players with a competitive experience – all for an affordable cost!

League Sponsor: Land O’Frost Lunchmeat Meats
Season: Mid-November – early March
Games: Played on weekends at local schools and the Field House
Practices: Scheduled one night a week starting late November

Coed Youth Division Features 8-foot baskets!
Grade K
Grades 1-2

Youth Recreation Divisions Teams play in a local league
Boys Division   Girls Division
Grades 3-4        Grades 3-4
Grades 5-6        Grades 5-6
Grades 7-8        Grades 7-8

Check out our Early Bird Rates!
The earlier you register the more affordable…best deal begins in September.

Registration Dates         Player Fee
Sep 1 - Sep 30              $74R/$89NR
Oct 1 - Nov 10               $84R/$100NR
Nov 11 - Nov 18            $105R/$125NR
Nov 18 Registration Closed
Nov 19 - Dec 16* Late Registration $160R $170NR
*Placement on a team is not guaranteed

Coaches Meeting
Thu       Nov 2               6pm      Field House

Basketball Training/Clinic
Des Moines Parks and Recreation is the place to go if you want to develop as a basketball player. Michael and Marv Johnson of the Johnson Boys B-Ball Training, formerly of South Sound Athletics are here to help. They have helped train NBA players like Jamal Crawford, Rodney Stuckey, Nate Robinson, and Isiah Thomas. All levels are welcome, they cover shooting, ball handling, passing, and how to play without the ball in hands. Sign up now and you will become a better player and learn what it takes to get as good as you want. Basketball is a journey.

Grade 4-8 $137R/$152NR Field House
DAY     DATE               TIME
Tue       Sep 5-26           5:30-7pm
Tue       Oct 3-24            5:30-7pm
Tue       Nov 7-28           5:30-7pm

Grade 9-12 $137R/$152NR Field House
DAY     DATE               TIME
Thu       Sep 7-28          5:30-7pm
Thu       Oct 5-26            5:30-7pm
Thu       *Nov 2-30          5:30-7pm

*No class Nov 23

Preseason Hoop Camp
Basketball season is approaching fast - time to challenge yourself and improve your game! This   developmental skills camp is designed to help players of all levels improve while having fun. Offensive focus: dribbling, passing and shooting. Defensive drills: foot positioning and handwork.

Age 7–15 $31R $37NR Field House
DAY     DATE                                                   TIME
Sat       Nov 11              Ages 7-15                   9am-12pm
Sat       Nov 11              Ages 3-6                     9am-12pm

Kokondo Martial Arts
Learn basic karate including blocks, kicks and strikes. Emphasis placed on effective street self-defense; you will learn to defend yourself against punches, grabs, chokes, bear hugs and more. Instructor: Gerry Flock

Wed/Fri Age 12+ $30R $35NR Field House
DATE               TIME
Sep 6-29           5-6:30pm
Oct 4-27            5-6:30pm
Nov 1-29*          5-6:30pm
Dec 1-29           5-6:30pm
*No Classes Nov 10th 24th

Tiger Kids Martial Arts Course Overview
Instructor: Mitch Mayberry, International Champion, 9th degree Master Fee: All participants must pay the $14 AAU Membership in addition to the individual course fees. Uniforms optional and available from the instructor.

Tiny Tigers Kung Fu & Taekwondo
A fun and less intense Martial Arts program focusing on fun and fitness while developing motor skills, coordination and improved listening skills through the use of games and training aids including bag kicking and sword play for fun.

Wed     Ages 3-6                       Field House
Sep 13-Nov 1    4:20-4:50pm      $92R $110NR
Nov 11-Dec 20  4:20-4:50pm      $81R $97NR

Tiger Kids/Family Martial Arts & Fitness
Kid’s & their Parents or just the kids can have fun while developing coordination, focus and fitness. Students can progress in Belts & learn the simple moves of Taekwondo/Karate to the cool moves of the Ninja Turtles (Kobudo Weaponry) and Kung Fu step by step promoting confidence, achievement & safety skills. Bag Kicking & Jedi Warrior sparring also for fun.

Weds    Ages 7 yrs+                  Field House
Sep 13-Nov 1    4:50-5:30pm      $92R $110NR    Colored Belts 4:50-5:45
Nov 11-Dec 20  4:50-5:30pm      $81R $97NR      Colored Belts 4:50-5:45